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Things change

July 27, 2010

It was announced yesterday that Janet Evanovich is leaving longtime publisher St. Martin’s Press behind and moving Stephanie Plum and her other properties to the Ballantine Bantam Dell (BBD) imprint. BBD is part of the Random House Publishing Group.

I had heard it mentioned that Sizzling Sixteen was the last book in the popular Stephanie Plum series that Evanovich was obligated to provide St. Martin’s Press under the old contract.  Janet did say that she was still having fun with the characters and wanted to keep the series going a little longer.

Under the new contract with BBD, there will be two more Stephanie Plum books.

Regardless of who publishes the books, the Trenton that inspired the best-selling series will be here.  Why not come take a tour of Stephanie Plum’s Trenton?

  1. april hughes permalink

    I am very much intersted in the details of the tour of Stefanies Trenton

  2. Thanks for your inquiry, April. Information was emailed to you this morning.

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