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December 14, 1776

December 14, 2010
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At a meeting in Trenton, General Sir William Howe explained his plan for the winter occupation of New Jersey to officers who would command the garrisons along the Delaware river.  Over breakfast, the British general detailed the plan for three brigades at three posts stretched out along the crook in the river’s course.

Central to the plan was the Hessian Colonel von Donnop with three battalions of Grenadiers, some Jaegers and six field guns in Bordentown.  Six miles to the south, Colonel Stirling and the Forty Second Highland Regiment and a Hessian battalion with their own guns were in control of Burlington.

Seven miles north of Bordentown was the most exposed position…Trenton.  Howe sent Colonel Johan Rall and three Hessian regiments.

The idea was that each of these garrisons were placed far enough apart to provide suitable foraging for supplies but close enough for mutual aid. At Princeton, dozen miles inland, Howe would leave a strong force : a full brigade of British infantry, two battalions of light infantry and a regiment of light dragoons as backup. The British and Hessian troops would thus settle in to occupy New Jersey for the duration of the winter. 

Or so General Howe thought.

Visit for a listing of activities December 26 – 31 commemorating Trenton’s role in turning the tide of America’s War for Independence. 

Contact us anytime for tours of New Jersey’s historic capital city.

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