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Let them come

December 22, 2010

During the week commencing December 22 there was much gossip in Trenton concerning the movements of the American army. One day a resident of Bucks County whose name the German records give as Mahl, told Colonel Rall, in the presence of Lieutenant Piel, that he would certainly be attacked at an early day. Rall answered “Let them come.” The next day two deserters from the American army confirmed this intelligence to Colonel Rall, Major Matthaus and Lieutenant Piel being present, and told him the Pennsylvania militia were gathering, and that the army had orders to prepare four days’ rations. Colonel Rall did not believe it.

William S. Stryker, The Battles of Trenton and Princeton.


          Visit for a listing of activities December 26 – 31 commemorating Trenton’s role in turning the tide of America’s War for Independence.

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