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One For The Money release date moved up

March 2, 2011 has reported that Lionsgate Films has announced a new release date of June 3 for the film starring Katherine Heigl.  The film version of the first book in Janet Evanovich‘s popular Stephanie Plum series was originally set to be released July 8.  The new date is most likely an attempt at not competing with other comedies being released mid-summer.

The film was shot last summer with locations in and around Pittsburgh, PA standing in for Trenton.  The film’s producers went to great lengths to bring details of the capital city to the production.

Take an hour and tour Stephanie Plum’s Trenton and compare what you see with what they captured on film.

Just a heads up that Jim will again be hosting a “Stephanie Plum’s Trenton” tour as part of the Four Views of Trenton sponsored by the Contemporary Club on April 16.  Details will be announced shortly.

  1. Hey Jim,

    Bad news. Lionsgate has pulled the release date for “One for the Money.” It is now showing “to be announced” on Box Office Mojo. Hoping they are going to move up the date instead of push it back. I’m seriously bummed. Cross your fingers!


    • I had seen that (on your blog) and was planning on updating it here with my next posting which should be later this week. Thanks.

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