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Four Views of Trenton Tours

March 15, 2011

Saturday, April 16

For the 25th year, The Contemporary…New Jersey’s oldest woman’s club…will present their Four Views of Trenton guided bus tours.  These perennially popular outings provide an opportunity to see New Jersey’s capital city through the eyes of knowledgeable and experienced guides.

The tours are built around various themes highlighting everything from the immigrant story to a pop culture heroine to some private and public “secret spaces.” Take your pick from one of three all day tours:

  1. Janet Evanovich’s Burg – a repeat of last year’s sold out tour guided by TrenTours’ own Jim Carlucci will visit the places that inspired the popular Stephanie Plum books.
  2. Coming to Trenton – John Hatch will tell the story of waves of immigrants who have made their mark, past and present, on Trenton
  3. Seldom Seen Spaces – Sally Lane will take her group to places the general public rarely if ever gets to see.

And for those who don’t have an entire day to spend, Joe Teti will be the guide for a narrated 2-hour sightseeing tours, one each in the morning and afternoon.

The full day tours are $45 per person and include pre-tour coffee and Danish and lunch. The two hour sightseeing tour is $20 per person.

For more information or to make your reservations, call Carol at 215-295-1498 or Dottie at 609-737-9128. Or online at

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