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Colonel Rall to Colonel von Donop

December 20, 2011

Trenton, 20th of December 1776


Yesterday the rebels captured three men of the von Lossberg regiment who went out to procure forage two miles from here and not far from the road to Maidenhead. I have written to General Leslie at Princetown and asked him to post some troops at Maidenhead in order to keep open the communication with Princetown. In fact my right wing is too much exposed. Near Pennytown stands a strong corps of rebels. At Howell’s ferry on the other side of the Delaware four miles from here is the left wing of General Stirling’s command and at Upper Makefield on my right wing is the corps which General Lee commanded. The constant alarms and troubles I have here prevents me going to Bordentown today as I had hoped. This morning a grenadier called and stated that he alone had charge of the baggage that has been here already for four days and he wished that his Battalion would get a wagon and send for this baggage. He belongs to the von Linsingen battalion.


This minute Lieutenant von Grothausen who made a patrol this morning with twenty jaegers and four dragoons up the Delaware river for four miles has reported. He met a party of rebels one hundred and fifty strong, and as soon as they saw him they retreated but not until they had killed one of the horses of the dragoons. The patrol brought a prisoner with them whom I have in the guard house.

The Battles of Trenton and Princeton, William S. Stryker, pg. 329

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