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Intelligence by Mr. Hovenden

December 20, 2011

That the Main Body of the rebel army lies at Beaumonts between Telits and Bakers Ferry about 11 miles above Trenton Ferry commanded by General Washington and Lord Stirling.

That a party of about 3000 men under Gen. Sullivan had joined Gen. Washington and it was said they were immediately to march and make their Quarters at Newtown.

That of this number near 200 sick and invalids were arrived a the hospital at Newtown. A party 200 or 300 men are stationed at Robinsons Ferry about 7 miles abouve Beaumonts, Don’t know of any other party higher up the river.

That General Washington had with him 6 eight pounders but were removed from thence, know not where. There are opposite to Slacks Island about 5 miles below Beaumonts 4 eight pounders.

That below Slack’s island and at Yardley’s are about 600 men, commanded by Gen. Dickinson with two pieces of cannon. Gen. Mercer was there but often shifts his Quarters.

That upon the most diligent Inquiry and best intelligence he could procure General Wasshington’s whole Army did not consist of more than 8000 men.

That General Sullivan went to Philadelphia on the 15th inst from Washington’s Quarters.

That General Gates had not passed the river on Thursday last, but was informed, he was coming forward with about 500 men.

The Battles of Trenton and Princeton, William S. Stryker, pgs 336-337

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