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Marching orders — General Mercer to Colonel Durkee

December 25, 2011

25 Dec, 1776

Sir:   You are to see that your men have three days’ provisions ready cooked before 12:00 this forenoon — the whole fit for duty except a Serjent and six men to be left with the baggage, and to parade exactly at four in the afternoon with their arms, accoutrements and ammunition in the best order, with their provisions and blankets — you will have them told off in divisions in which order they are to march — eight men abreast, with the officers fixed to their divisions from which they are on no account to separate — no man is to quit his division on pain of instant punishment — each officer is to provide himself with a piece of white paper stuck in his hat for a field mark. You will order your men to assemble and parade them in the valley immediately over the hill on the back of McConkey’s Ferry, to remain there for farther orders — a profound silence is to be observed, both by officers and men, and a strict and ready attention paid to whatever orders may be given — in forming the Brigade Co. Durkee takes the right, Co. Stone left, Co Bradley on the left of Co. Durkee & Co. Rawlings on the right of Co. Stone — the line to form and march from the Right — Co. Hutchinson to form by themselves —

Your obt S’v’t

H. Mercer

Visit for a listing of activities December 27 – 31 commemorating Trenton’s role in turning the tide of America’s War for Independence.

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