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Patriots’ Week Schedule Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

December 27, 2011

10am-3pm            State House Civics Tours               (Tours occur at the top  of every hour) 125  West State Street             Explore  the New Jersey State House, where the laws that affect all New Jersey residents are made. This tour  takes visitors through this beautifully restored historic building listed on  both the national and State registers of historic places.  Along the way,  learn about the legislative process and the art and architecture of the State  Capitol. For more information, please call the New Jersey State House Tour  Office at (609) 633-2709. Free Admission

10am-3pm Masonic Temple Tours: Front & Barrack St. If you haven’t  been inside the Masonic   Temple on Barracks,  here’s your chance! Walls and arches of Botticino marble, a floor of Travertine  marble with brass insets with Masonic symbols, an allegorical painting of  Justice, Fortitude, Prudence and Temperance. And that’s just the foyer! Free  Admission. Tours  at the top of every hour

10am-5pm Old Barracks Museum Tours: 101  Barrack St. Visit the historic Old Barracks museum, where the soldiers  fighting during the Revolutionary War called home.  Every 30 minutes the Crossroads  of the American Revolution National Heritage Area will screen the films “New Jersey – Crossroads of the American Revolution:  Footsteps, Fort Lee, Washington Crossing, Wintering in Morristown and the Battle of Monmouth.”  At the top of every hour the film “Ten Crucial  Days” will be featured. Guided tours of the Barracks begin hourly. Admission  fee: $8/adult, $6/senior, & $6/child, Old Barracks Association members free  admission. For more information visit

11am-12pm Patriots Podium Lecture on the American  Revolution: Masonic Temple Front  & Barrack St. The American Revolution-in New Jersey and other colonies-was a bloody  conflict pitting neighbor against neighbor in a civil struggle played out  within the context of Atlantic imperial politics.  This talk, sponsored by the New Jersey Education Association, will  provide background to the events commemorated by Patriots’ Week.  The presentation will be delivered by the  winner of the Patriot’s Podium contest selected from New Jersey public school teacher applicants. Free Admission

11am & 1pm Laser Nutcracker Special 3D Planetarium  Show:               NJ State Museum  Planetarium 205 West State St. This entertaining show captures the joyous spirit of the season with  spectacular effects and brilliant laser light.   In addition to the classical music from Tchaikovsky’s beloved ballet,  the program includes Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and  other favorites. The Planetarium will also have a 10 minute live demonstration  of the sky set to December 25, 1776. Learn about the constellations and visible  planets that occupied the sky on the stormy evening when George Washington  crossed the Delaware.  Suitable for general audiences.  General  admission: $7 adult; $5 child (twelve and under) Visit or  call 609-292-6464

12:00pm-4:30pm 1719 William Trent  House Tour: Market St. &  William Trent Place The 1719 William Trent House will be open for tours  each afternoon dressed for the holiday season. The theme of the Trent House  Tours is Life under British Rule. Hot chocolate and cookies will be served to  visitors to the complex throughout the week.  Enjoy a special musical feature; harpsichord  performance played by Carl Nittinger.  If  you like, bring a bag lunch to eat while enjoying the melodic sounds waft  through the house. Suggested donation $3 Visit or call 609-989-3027 or 609-989-0087.

1pm-1:30pm Film Screening: NJ Legacy: The Republican Rebellion: NJ State  Museum Auditorium 205 West State St New Jersey was the Crossroads of the  American Revolution, being strategically located between the British military  headquarters in New York City and the  Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia.  This program examines protests in New Jersey  against the Stamp Act and other British imperial measures, the passage of New Jersey’s first state constitution in 1776, Washington’s stunning victories over the British at the  battles of Trenton and Princeton,  and the effects of the Revolution on women and African-Americans. Free Admission

3pm-4pm The Trenton  Waterfront during the Revolutionary War: Masonic Temple   Front & Barrack St.               The  history books tend to focus on the military engagements of the American  Revolution, which in Trenton’s  case was the two battles fought on December 26, 1776 and January 2, 1777.  The Revolutionary War, however, took a heavy  toll on the area immediately surrounding the town, especially along the  waterfront in the weeks leading up to the battles.  Later on in the war, up until 1779, Trenton’s  port community of Lamberton played an important role in the Continental Army’s  supply network and then in 1781 the town and its port played host to French and  American troops moving south to Yorktown, returning northward a year  later.  Making use of archival research,  maps and archaeological discoveries, Dr. Richard Hunter, Principal of the  Trenton-based consulting firm Hunter Research, Inc., will discuss events that  occurred along on the Trenton  waterfront during the Revolutionary War. Free  Admission

7pm-10pm Janice Meredith (1924) Silent Film Screening:             Mill Hill Playhouse Front & Montgomery St. In  this long-lost, visually stunning silent film, the title character (played by  Marion Davies), daughter of a wealthy New Jersey  landowner, manages to help Paul Revere with his ride, give information to Gen. Washington for the First Battle of Trenton, be present at  the Battle of Yorktown, and marry at Mount    Vernon. Presented by the Trenton  Historical Society and the Trenton  Film Society. Admission $5. With  commentary and Colonial refreshments.


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