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Patriots’ Week Schedule Friday, December 30, 2011

December 30, 2011

9am-12pm Bus Tour: Washington’s Crossing: Trenton Visitors Center 102 Barrack St. This bus trip sets the stage for the 10-Days Campaign with a walking tour of Washington’s Crossing on both the New Jersey and Pennsylvania sides, including across the bridge, — it can get cold — to develop a dramatic narrative of this world-famous event. The Capital City Tours bus then follows the route of General Washington’s troops as they approach the city for their surprise attack. This tour will be guided by Ralph Siegel of Trenton Battlefield Tours. It is Part 1 of a 3-part tour package covering the 10-Days Campaign. (Special Patriots Week Only Pricing) Tickets are $20 per person for the bus tour. Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling 609-777-1770. Advanced Ticket Sales Only

10am-3pm State House Civics Tours  (Tours occur at the top of every hour) 125 West State Street Explore  the New Jersey State House, where the laws that affect all New Jersey residents are made. This tour  takes visitors through this beautifully restored historic building—listed on  both the national and State registers of historic places.  Along the way,  learn about the legislative process and the art and architecture of the State  Capitol. For more information, please call the New Jersey State House Tour  Office at (609) 633-2709. Free Admission

10am-3pm Masonic Temple Tours: Front & Barrack St. If  you haven’t been inside the Masonic   Temple on Barracks,  here’s your chance! Walls and arches of Botticino marble, a floor of Travertine  marble with brass insets with Masonic symbols, an allegorical painting of  Justice, Fortitude, Prudence and Temperance. And that’s just the foyer! Free  Admission. Tours  at the top of every hour

10am-5pm Old Barracks Museum Tours: 101  Barrack St. Visit the historic Old Barracks museum, where the soldiers  fighting during the Revolutionary War called home.  Every 30 minutes the Crossroads  of the American Revolution National Heritage Area will screen the films “New Jersey – Crossroads of the American Revolution:  Footsteps, Fort Lee, Washington Crossing, Wintering in Morristown and the Battle of Monmouth.”  At the top of every hour the film “Ten Crucial  Days” will be featured. Guided tours of the Barracks begin hourly. Admission  fee: $8/adult, $6/senior, & $6/child, Old Barracks Association members free  admission.

11am-12pm Trenton Masonry Talk  by Robert   N. Stutz Masonic Temple Front & Barrack St.Two of the three Masonic  Temples built in Trenton  are still in use. Of the many Masonic lodges which formed and met in Trenton from 1787 to 1916, only Mercer Lodge No. 50 still  meets regularly in Trenton.   In addition to Masonic lodges, other Masonic organizations such as York Rite,  Scottish Rite, Tall Cedars, Order of the Eastern Star, the Shriners, Demolay  for boys, and Rainbow for girls were formed and met in Trenton. Free Admission

11:30am-1pm Hidden Treasures Tour of the  State House State House, 125 West State Street               Join  us for a behind-the-scenes peek at the New Jersey State House, one of the  oldest continuously operating capitol buildings in the nation.  From  timbers that date back to 1792 to contemporary art rarely seen by visitors,  this tour will take you from the basement to the attic and everywhere in  between.  The tour will be conducted by State House Tour Office staff and  Ian C. Burrow, Vice President and Principal Archaeologist at Hunter Research  Inc.  Space is limited.  To make a reservation please call the New Jersey State House  Tour Office at (609) 633-2709. Free Admission

12:00pm-4:30pm 1719 William Trent  House Tour: Market St. &  William Trent Place The 1719 William  Trent House will be open for tours each afternoon dressed for the holiday  season. The theme of the Trent House Tours are Life Under British Rule. Hot  chocolate and cookies will be served to visitors to the complex throughout the  week.  Suggested donation $3 Visit or call 609-989-3027 or 609-989-0087

1pm-1:30pm Film Screening: Fireside Kitchen: Camp  Followers’ Meal: NJ State Museum  Auditorium 205 West State St Originally  aired in 1976 Filmed at Washington’s Crossing State Park, this episode of Fireside Kitchen finds your host Dorothea  Connelly cooking up a meal as it would have been made by camp followers in  General George Washington’s army during the Revolutionary War. The program  looks at the historical event of George Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware  while showing the preparation of such colonial dishes as venison roast, boiled  potatoes with jackets, pepper hash, soda biscuits, sour cream raisin pie, wafer  irons, apple butter pie and more. Free  Admission

1pm-4pm Bus  Tour Battle of Princeton:   Three  hour bus trip meets at the Trenton Visitors Center, 102 Barrack St. for a  brief walk to Mill Hill Park before boarding  the Capital City Tour bus for Princeton. Trip features important sites on the  approach to the battlefield, walking tour of the battlefield and finishes at  the refurbished Princeton   Battle Monument.  Bus returns to the Trenton Visitors Center.  It is Part 3 of a 3part tour package covering the 10-Days Campaign. (Special Patriots Week Only Pricing) Tickets  are $20 per person for the bus tour.   Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling  609-777-1770. Advanced Ticket Sales Only

1pm Intro to Shape Note Singing: Quaker Meeting House 142 East Hanover St.  Experience shape not singing which is  a method of singing which predates the Revolution.  Followed by light refreshments. Free Admission

1pm-2pm Casimir Pulaski: Campaigns in the Delaware Valley Talk by Dr.  Joseph E.Wroblewski   Masonic Temple Front & Barrack St.  On October 11, 1779, Brigadier General Casimir  Pulaski, often referred to as the “Father of the American Cavalry” died of  wounds he received in the Battle of Savannah. However, few people realize he  had a local connection, in that of the approximately twenty-seven months that  Pulaski served with the Continental Army about eighteen were spent campaigning  in the Delaware Valley. Free Admission

3pm-4pm African Americans in the American  Revolution Lecture: Masonic  Temple Front & Barrack St Frederick L. Minus will lead discussions  on African Americans roles during the American Revolutionary War. Free Admission

5pm The Practitioners of Musick by John  Burkhalter, English flutes and Donovan Klotzbeacher, Spinet harpsichord: Quaker Meeting House 142 East Hanover St. Enjoy a presentation of “Mr. Hopkinson’s Musick” Francis Hopkinson, one of the signers of the  Declaration of Independence.  The program will be music drawn from a  1760-1764 manuscript of Hopkinson’s.  Followed by light refreshments. Free Admission

7pm-10pm Colonial Ball: Masonic Temple Front & Barrack St. Join in a typical colonial ball at the Masonic Temple on Barracks Street. Dance under the  direction of Dancemaster Neil  DeMarino to the live accompaniment of  “Rules of Civility” (Ridley and Anne Enslow on fiddle and hammered dulcimer).  Light refreshments will be served. Ladies are encouraged to wear long skirts so  as to better work with the dance moves. Admission $15. Reservations Required.  Call (609) 396-1776 to reserve.


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