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This site features information on tours of Trenton, NJ focusing on the popular Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich.

The basic tour is an approximately hour-long drive around Trenton.  Along the way we will see various locations that relate to the Stephanie Plum stories.  Some are actually mentioned, others just reflect the type of place mentioned in the books.

A few of the locations were used for research by the production crew and their names may appear in the “One for the Money” film. For example, we can include a stop at the Italian People’s Bakery in Chambersburg on the tour. Not only is it the prototypical “Burg” bakery, but Janet loves their Boston Cream donuts.  We might also plan to stop for lunch at a pizza restaurant.  Trenton is known for the local version of pizza and one, Papa’s, is the oldest continuously family run pizzeria in the country.  And food purchases are of course above and beyond the tour fee.

While for many of you Trenton is all about the Stephanie Plum stories, there is more to see and learn about New Jersey’s capital city. TrenTours also offers tours that illuminate Trenton’s role in the American and Industrial Revolutions.


The Battles of Trenton tour explains the significance of the events that took place in and around Trenton between December 25, 1776 and January 2, 1777.   We all know that Washington crossed the Delaware on Christmas night and surprised the Hessians at Trenton the following morning.  Walk the very streets that bore witness to the battle of December 26 and learn the real story.  This tour takes approximately 75 minutes at an easy, but steady pace.

The Trenton Makes the World Takes tour explores the city’s manufacturing past and present. Learn about the Roeblings and their influence on the development of the city as well as their involvement in businesses other than steel cable and bridge building.  Hear about Trenton’s heyday as the “Staffordshire of America” when everything from the most delicate of tea cups to presidential bathtubs were manufactured here.  This vehicle tour lasts about 60 minutes.

Currently in development is a tour based upon locations highlighted in Trenton a novel by John P. Calu and David A. Hart. 

The basic cost for each tour is $20 per person.  For groups of more than four participants, extended tours or other information, contact TrenTours at  609-396-6612 or email

Reservations are required.  Cancellations up to 24 hours in advance will be accepted with no penalty. 

TrenTours LLC is not affiliated with Janet Evanovich, OFM Productions LLC., St. Martin’s Press or Random House Publishing Group.

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