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  1. Hey Jim,

    Want to swap links with


  2. Elisabeth & Gerwin permalink

    Hi Jim,

    thanks again for the fantastic tour last week – very insightful and interesting, couldn’t have wished for a better tourguide and tour!

    Elisabeth & Gerwin
    Sydney, Australia

    • Elisabeth and Gerwin,

      It was a pleasure showing you “Stephanie Plum’s (and my) Trenton”.

      Thanks for the opportunity.


  3. Catherine permalink

    A group of us took the Stephanie Plum tour and had a wonderful time! From the tomato pies to the bakery and from the funeral homes to the Cluck in a Bucket, it was great. Jim knows everything and is super friendly. We highly recommend it.

  4. Jim,
    Thanks for a great guided tour through 19th Century industrial Trenton. We could not have asked for a better informed or more personable guide. Food for thought for a long time to come.
    Ed Bloor
    Winter Garden, Florida

  5. A very belated “Thank you” to Catherine. I always enjoy sharing the secrets and treasures of Trenton.

  6. Thany you, Ed. It was a pleasure meeting your group.

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