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Welcome to TrenTours, the homepage for the Stephanie Plum\\\'s Trenton, Battles of Trenton and Trenton Makes the World Takes tours.

Whether your interest is finding the haunts of Janet Evanovich\\\'s popular heroine, tracking the fight for American Independence through the city\\\'s streets, or learning about our industrial past, we have a tour for you!

Look around our site and if you don\\\'t see exactly what you are looking for, ask. Chances are we\\\'ve given a tour on your preferred topic before and would be happy to do so again.

No time like the present to visit our past

The Times of Trenton ran an article yesterday reporting on a renewed attempt to promote heritage tourism in the city.

We’re supportive, of course. But you don’t have to wait for the City and the Trenton Downtown Association to develop their signage and self-guided tours. Call or email us.

In the past month, we’ve hosted a visitor from the Netherlands seeking out the haunts of Stephanie Plum; helped a group of friends who grew up in the area connect the dots on Trenton’s industrial past; and explained baseball, tomato pies and Trenton history with Linda Bentley, an amazing Australian woman who is visiting all 50 states in 50 weeks.

Give us a call and get in on the fun.


Stephanie’s favorite


When Janet Evanovich toured Trenton with NPR reporter Pam Fessler in June of 2010, we stopped at Italian Peoples Bakery on Butler Street. Janet was disappoionted that they had sold out of their Boston Cream donuts before we arrived.

Don’t risk missing out. There are still a couple of seats left for the Decmber 26, Stephanie Plum’s Trenton tour.

Buy them today, or go hungry!

Don’t be left out

There are still some seats left for the “Stephanie Plum‘s Trenton” tour on Wednesday, Decemer 26.

We are participating in Trenton’s annual “Patriots’ Week” celebration.  Half of the proceeds from ticket sales for this tour will go to help fund future Patriots’ Week events.

Click here for more information or to purchase tickets via PayPal. We’ll see you on the 26th!

A proclamation of Thanksgiving

General Washington issued the following general order to observe a day of Thanksgiving in 1775.

Head Quarters, Cambridge, – November 18, 1775

The Honorable the Legislature of this Colony having thought fit to set apart Thursday the 23d of November Instant, as a day of public thanksgiving ‘to offer up our praises, and prayers to Almighty God, the Source and Benevolent Bestower of all good; That he would be pleased graciously to continue, to smile upon our Endeavours, to restore peace, preserve our Rights, and Privileges, to the latest posterity; prosper the American Arms, preserve and strengthen the Harmony of the United Colonies, and avert the Calamities of a civil war.’ The General therefore commands that day to be observed with all the Solemnity directed by the Legislative Proclamation, and all Officers, Soldiers and others, are hereby directed, with the most unfeigned Devotion, to obey the same.”

Taken from the November 2012 Crossroads of the American Revolution newsletter.

Riverview cemetery tour cancelled

We received a note from Rich Sauer, the historian for Riverview Cemetery explaining why the tour that was moved to Saturday, November 17 from October 28 had to be cancelled.

“There was extensive storm damage from Hurricane Sandy, October 29-30, and the grounds have been closed since then. I thought it would take a week (or two) to clear out the fallen trees, but here we are in the third week of tree crews at work and the grounds remain closed. Once that is done there will be an assessment to identify the effected monuments and the extent of the damage.”

Rich went on to say that he expects the tour to be rescheduled for sometime in the spring. We’ll keep you posted.

TrenTours participating in Patriots Week

We’ve been invited to offer our Stephanie Plum‘s Trenton tour as part of Trenton’s annual Patriots Week activities. We’ve schedule the tour for Wednesday, Dec 26 at 1 pm.

Information and a link to purchase tickets can be found here.

Stephanie Plum tour announcement

We’ll be offering a Stephanie Plum‘s Trenton tour on Wednesday, Dec 26 at 1 pm.

The tour provides a goo overview of the neighborhoods and locations featured in the popular series of comic mysteries written by Janet Evanovich.  Cost will be $20 per person, space is limited.

Details and online purchasing will be available next week.